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6 good reasons to change your windows

Does your house let in the air like a sieve? Maybe it’s time to change your old windows. Manufacturers like us are offering models far superior to what was on the market 30 years ago.


  1. A home loses 30% of its heat through doors and windows. The purchase of energy-efficient products helps to limit this problem. You’ll see a difference in the electricity bill, if the installation of the new windows was done in such a way as to ensure a complete seal.
  2. Put the noisy neighbors mute! It is well known that noise increases several health problems, it is always better to install windows that can significantly reduce unwanted noise. The average noise should not exceed 30 dB inside the home and 40 dB outside.
  3. Energy-efficient windows provide better comfort by limiting drafts and moisture-related condensation problems.
  4. The way you open your new windows will have a direct influence on their water tightness. Swinging or sliding windows will guarantee a better service life to the product by reducing the risk of infiltration. In addition, they require less maintenance.
  5. Better quality windows reduce energy consumption from fuel-burning appliances, which has a positive impact on the environment.
  6. Before you begin any major work on your home, consider the option of replacing your windows and doors. With government tax credits and other incentives your windows and doors could end up costing you much less than you anticipated.

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