8 Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

If you are considering buying replacement windows in Quebec, the material to use is probably a subject of concern to you. It can be difficult to choose the material that will serve you best, especially when replacement windows are such an important investment. So if you are considering replacing windows, here’s what you need to know about fiberglass windows.

What are fiberglass windows?

Manufacturers create fiberglass windows by passing fiberglass wires through a heated resin. The material can be arranged in different ways: woven into a fabric, randomly arranged or flattened into a sheet. It will hold up even when subjected to extreme temperatures and constant abuse. The material is therefore used in boats, bridges, goalie masks and, yes, windows. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Compared to vinyl, fiberglass frames are eight times stronger. In addition, the thinner fiberglass frames can contain larger glass panels, allowing you to take full advantage of natural light and breathtaking views.

Fiberglass does not deform, rot, corrode or rust. It also resists degradation caused by chemicals or pollution. And it does not require much maintenance to keep these windows like new. In the end, Ecofibre’s fiberglass windows can withstand anything that you or mother nature throws at you.

The strength and durability of these frames make them highly secure. Intruders will not have the easy task of getting in.

Thermal Performance
Fiberglass windows have a thermal conductivity 800 times lower than aluminum windows. It also has low thermal expansion, so these frames will not expand and contract as much as other materials. This extends the life of windows and optimizes long-term performance. These windows are also best suited for multi-faceted options as they are very stable and rigid.

Sound Resistance
Noise pollution can be a source of concern when you live in a busy part of the city. Fortunately, fiberglass windows can improve soundproofing. They will reduce unwanted outside noise and make your home more peaceful.

Color and Style Options
Most homeowners want unique window styles that match the style and color of their home. With fiberglass windows, you have more options. You can choose a finish from the factory or choose to finish the windows once they are installed. And as you can paint the color of your choice, it will perfectly match the pattern of your home.

The Value Of Your Home
Windows are one of the best investments you can make if you want to sell your home. They will give you an excellent return on investment and will attract the attention of all potential buyers.

Environmentally Friendly
Fiberglass windows are mostly made of sand. It is an abundant resource that is easily recycled. In addition, fiberglass production requires 80% less energy to be produced from start to finish.

Ecofibre’s fiberglass windows are cutting-edge products. If you are considering fiberglass windows, contact us at (450) 474-0057. Or you can book your FREE HOME CONSULTATION now online.