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How to choose your front door

The front door is the first impression your guests have of your home. Aesthetics combined with security and insulation are factors when it comes to choosing this essential element of your home. At Ecofibre you can see the different materials available to choose the right door.

The front door protects our privacy, but its aesthetics reflect our personality: discreet, classic, creative or innovative. Choose it carefully,  it is very difficult to decide because of all the varied and customizable choices out there.

Aluminum, PVC or Fiberglass, with or without glass … Many models of entrance doors are commercially available. Before you start, think about defining your needs in terms of insulation, style and security. Ecofibre helps you to sort out existing materials, possible glazing and insulation.

Here are three useful tips for choosing a front door.

1. Choosing the material of your front door

• An aluminum front door:

If your primary concern is safety & durability, it is an aluminum entrance door that must be chosen. Aluminum doors are unalterable, not subject to scratches.

• A PVC front door:

For maximum insulation, opt for PVC. This material is ideal for harsh climates. This type of entrance door has a choice in color and style. The PVC door is suitable for all budgets.

• A fiberglass front door:

The fiberglass entrance door is the latest sensation to the front entrance door market. Thanks to its density, it is resistant and isolates the house well. They offer many possibilities in terms of finish and color.

2. Select the right glazing for the front door

There are three main types of entrance doors. The solid door is safer but does not let in natural light. The semi-glazed door offers a compromise between security and brightness. The glass door is a good solution to bring clarity in the entrance but it requires more attention in the choice of the glass. For more privacy, opt for a frosted glass that lets the light enter and prevents the curious to observe what is happening in your home.

3. Provide insulation through the front door

When choosing your front door, insulation must be taken into account. If it is glazed, double-glazing is necessary in terms of sound insulation but also thermal. There are double-glazed windows with enhanced soundproofing, for example street-facing houses. Be sure to add a peripheral seal between the sash and the door frame and an aluminum sill.

Let us help you choose such an important component to your home. Contact us and it would be our pleasure to show you all the choices you have.

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