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Replacement Aluminum Windows


1 – Window combining the thermal performance of the PVC on the inside with the structural strength, the aesthetics of lines and colors and the durability of enameled extruded aluminum on the outside.

2 – Multiple chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation.

3 – Triple weatherstrips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness.

4 – 4 1/2” wide frame that puts the glass in the warm part of the wall. Furthermore, its 90° geometry allows for better water evacuation on top of being easy to clean.

5 – 3/4” wood and 1/2” drywall returns built in the frame.

6 – Removable interior screen with an enameled aluminum frame.

7 – Water evacuation without any apparent hole or cap.

8 – Central interlocking system that improves the performance of air infiltration and security against forced entry.

9 – Inward opening rocker panel for easy cleaning.

10 – Member of a complete family of products (casements, awnings, horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, picture frames and entrance doors) that have similar exterior looks.

11 – Profiles extruded with a PVC compound powder that gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence.


A – Brick mould.

B – Different types of glass.

C – Glass integrated grills.

D – 3/4” wood interior extension cladded with PVC (made to measure)


Product – Double Hung

Standard – A440-00

Air Inflitration – A2

Water Infiltration – B2/B4

Wind Load – C4

Forced Entry – F20