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New trends in windows and doors

In recent years, the format of doors and windows has changed most. With the idea of strengthening the link between indoor and outdoor living spaces, glass surfaces have grown, sometimes reaching the full one-storey wall. Here’s an overview of what’s new.

New trends

Windows: Windows are more present than ever in new buildings. Location, dimensions, everything is studied and carefully thought out to optimize the view and offer the occupants a true communion with nature. Among the trends are more square, rectilinear and dark colors, such as black, charcoal and brown. White is reserved for the interior.

The predominance of glass is also a noticeable trend on the doors, especially for French doors, which can now fill large openings. The panels, more imposing, are also heavier, especially in the case of triple glazing. To ensure the easy operation of the panels, we equip our products with a robust hardware and robust mechanisms of quality.

3 points to check

Thermal insulation: Argon, as well as krypton, is an inert gas that is injected between two panes to ensure better insulation.

Low emissivity film: It prevents UV rays from entering and avoids overheating in summer.

The interlayer: This is what separates the two glazing units from a sealed unit. The important thing is that the material is non-conductive.

In conclusion

Although it is difficult to resist the urge to have large windows, one must keep in mind that they affect the heating bill and the comfort of the home. There must be a balance between the two. We make every effort to offer you products with very high energy efficiency, but one fact remains: the glazed surfaces will never achieve the performance of a well insulated wall. That’s why you must rely on certified quality products like we offer and an experienced company with a team of qualified experts like Ecofibre.

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