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The sliding window and door makes life better in your home

What if you took advantage of an upcoming renovation to be tempted by sliding windows or door? In a price range often close to that of conventional glazing, the sliding door offers many advantages that will allow you to rethink volumes and layout. Here are some reasons why sliding windows and doors make life in your home better.


Save space with sliding glass

For an opening that is similar to, or even larger than, a sliding window, the sliding version requires less space in a room, And this is all the more blatant with a bay, which brings even more openness.

The sliding window or door lets the light enter

That said openness also adds additional light. With a sliding door, the clear of glazing, windowed part of the window, is bigger, This makes it possible to bring “the outside into an interior”. An ideal scenario in a living room, a room or even a kitchen.


Optimize insulation with sliding windows and doors

Choosing sliding doors in aluminum, fibreglass or PVC, matched with double or triple glazing, is also worrying about their performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation. Sliding doors are thermal shields. From the smallest part to the joints, everything is studied to isolate.


Easy maintenance of sliding glazing

The risk of dysfunction of a sliding window or door is almost non-existent. Especially when the hardware parts are in stainless steel or treated corrosion-resistant. As for cleaning, nothing could be simpler, “water and soap”.


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