Awning Hybrid

Hybrid Replacement Windows

Awning windows are a perfect choice for optimal air ventilation, and the only window style that lets you enjoy a breeze even when it’s raining.

With the sash hinged at the top, it projects out when opened protecting your home from the rain while allowing maximum airflow.


1 – Window combining the thermal performance of PVC on the inside with the structural strength, the aesthetics of lines and colours and the durability of enamelled extruded aluminum on the outside.

2 – Multiple chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation.

3– Triple weather-strips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness.

4 – 4 1/2’ ’ wide frame that puts the glass in the warm part of the wall.  Furthermore, its 90 geometry allows for better water evacuation on top of being easy to clean.

5 – 3/4’ ’ wood and 1/2’ ’ drywall returns built in the frame.

6 – Removable interior screen with an enamelled aluminium frame.

7– Water evacuation without any apparent hole or cap.

8 – Member of a complete family of products (casements, awnings, horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, picture frames and entrance doors) that have similar exterior looks.

9 – Profiles extruded with a PVC compound powder which gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence.


A – Brick mould.

B – Different types of glass..

– Glass integrated grills.

– 3/4” wood interior extension cladded with PVC (made to measure)

E – Structural sash mullion.


Product – Awning

Standard – A440

Air Inflitration – A3/F

Water Infiltration – B7

Wind Load – C5

Forced Entry – F20