Sometimes it can be interesting to integrate the outdoors into your home. Whether you want to increase the value of your home or enjoy a better view of the great outdoors, a sliding door could be a good solution.

What are sliding glass doors?

A typical door opens on a hinge or hinges. In contrast, exterior sliding glass doors slide open along a secure track. Although they can be used as the main entrance of a house, it is more common that they open onto a terrace or patio.

Sliding glass door frames can be offered in a variety of styles made from a variety of materials such as:

  • Fiberglass
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • PVC HYBRID (pvc / aluminum)

With such a range, finding the perfect sliding door that matches the style and decor of your home today should be simple and fun.

Why should you install a sliding glass door?

Sliding doors have so many advantages that it is difficult to make a complete list, but here is a compilation of the five main solutions:

1. Increasing energy efficiency

If your home loses fresh air in the summer and hot air in the winter, it’s probably the windows and doors that are responsible for it. Leaky doors and windows can account for up to 25% of your energy bill spent on recovering lost energy.

Most sliding doors improve energy efficiency with excellent insulation, which reduces air leakage: it keeps the air cold during the summer and the hot air during the winter. Thick glass and proper installation ensure that your sliding door saves energy and energy costs.

2. More natural light

An ordinary door can be equipped with a small window to let in some light, but with sliding glass doors, the glass itself is the door, which means you let in a flood of natural light every day . It also saves energy because it means you can spend less time with the lights on.
It is also useful in winter, when seasonal affective disorder sets in. The more natural light filtered through your window will be filtered, the clearer your house will be, which will lessen the darkening of the winter.

3. Sense of more space

It can be easy to feel that the walls of your house are closing in on you, especially in winter, when it is more difficult to spend time outdoors. With sliding glass doors, the barrier between your home and the outside is a bit thinner, which can make it seem like any room is bigger and more spacious than it really is.

4. Moving is easier

When you moved in for the first time, did you have trouble maneuvering the sofa, mattress frame, refrigerator or washing machine through the narrow front door? As sliding glass doors open wide, you have much more space to store these bulky items when you are rearranging rooms or ordering new appliances.

5. Better indoor / outdoor flow

Do your children like to play in the yard all summer long? Would you like your cluttered living room to have more air circulation? With a sliding glass door, you can keep an eye on the outdoors all day long. When you open your doors, you increase the flow of air into the room, which keeps objects cool. Hot summers at home can be much more enjoyable with a cool breeze flowing through your open doors.

Sliding glass doors can benefit your family all year round. For safe and energy-efficient doors that beautify your home, nothing better than a quality sliding glass door. Find your sliding glass doors in the greater Montreal area at Portes et Fenêtres Ecofibre today!

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