With an abundance of easily accessible information at your fingertips, it’s easy to see how fake information about replacement windows can make their way into our perceptions. Unfortunately, the majority of home owners in Quebec do not have enough experience with replacement windows to separate facts from fiction, which can result in the payment of high amounts for poor quality windows.At Ecofibre windows and doors we want to ensure you have the right information for you to find your perfect windows, which is why we have created a short guide on the common replacement window myths to know.

# 1 Higher cost means better windows

When buying luxury items like watches or cars, it makes sense to believe that the higher the price, the better the product. However, the window industry is an area where this is not always the case. Some replacement windows will be priced higher because of their aesthetic appeal or because of a current design trend. However, there are still a great number of models and materials, such as PVC, that offer a low price and a wide range of benefits.

# 3 You can not customize your windows

With the right window material like fiberglass you can easily customize your window to fit any color or style you like.

# 4 Glass density does not matter

Unfortunately, the density of a window glass is an area that is usually left out by home owners. While this does not seem to be an important issue, having windows with a double or triple glass installed in your home can help block excess exterior noise, improve your home’s insulation and even reduce your chances of a break in.

The best way to know that you have all the correct information is to talk with one of our expert team members at Ecofibre windows and doors. Our experts have worked with doors and windows for a long time and know exactly what is real and what is a myth. Not only that, but our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding your replacement window project, while informing you with a free consultation, without pressure. To speak with an expert today or ask for your free consultation, send us an email or call us at (450) 474-0057.