Sometimes the biggest problem is right in front of you. In this case, we are talking about energy bills. Your home may be ineffective when it comes to controlling the temperature, thanks to your doors and windows. This can result in higher bills.

EcoFibre Windows and Doors lists some guidelines to help you determine if your windows are actually leaking.

Air Currents

Stand next to the door or window in question. Ideally, you should not feel the slightest breeze. If you feel a draft, there is an air leak and you will need to replace a window or an outside door.

Incoming sound

In addition to thermal insulation, your windows and doors must isolate you from the sound. Both can be damaged by leaks. If you hear a car in the street as if you were there beside it, your window or door might be defective.

Damage to the frame

Your doors and windows need sturdy and functional frames. They are responsible for their structural integrity and for maintaining the products in place. If you see cracked frames, you will need windows or replacement doors.

Higher energy bills

This may not be so obvious, but it is an important sign that your home is not energy efficient. If your energy bill goes up, consider having your doors and windows inspected.


You may not have a leak during the summer, but the transition to winter can cause your windows to contract. The biggest clue is condensation on your windows. There should be no droplets of water or mist in your windows or between the windows.

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