PVC doors and windows can be a solution for you!

Ecofibre sells and installs PVC windows and doors on the cutting edge of technology. Our products are manufactured in our factory here in Quebec, our PVC windows and doors have been designed for the climate of Quebec. We are committed to providing PVC windows and doors of the highest quality in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers and offer a first class service.

Ecofibre’s PVC windows and doors offer many features and exceptional insulating properties which limits heat exchange, providing maximum comfort for an excellent price / quality ratio. Our experts will guide you through our various technical and aesthetic options. Our PVC windows and doors are ENERGY STAR energy efficient and are a popular choice among our customers, contact us now to find out why.

5 benefits of choosing PVC doors and windows

Exceptional insulation

Whether you’re looking for thermal insulation or sound insulation, PVC doors and windows perform much better than wood or aluminum. The PVC frames have several air cells, which improves thermal and sound performance. The more air cells there are, the better the insulation. A house with PVC doors and windows is better insulated than a house whose materials are made of wood or aluminum. PVC offers excellent glazing for your windows in that you will be able to keep all the unwanted noise on your exterior. Ecofibre offers more efficient PVC doors and windows.

PVC improves the security of your home

PVC is a very strong insulating material. PVC doors and windows are the best choice against breakage, thanks to the use of galvanized steel and fiberglass. PVC is very difficult to ignite, compared to wooden door frames. When choosing PVC for your doors and windows, improve fire safety for your home.

A range of colors

If you want PVC doors and windows, you can choose from a wide range of finishes and colors. With a wide selection of coatings and finishes, you can find doors and windows that fit well with the style of your home. Whether it is a rustic, classic or contemporary style that you seek, everything is at your disposal!

A durable and easy product to maintain

PVC is a durable material. PVC is a fully recyclable material. It does not deform or rot and it is a material that will last for a very long time. No matter where you live, it can withstand all weather conditions and increases the energy efficiency of the home. In addition, PVC doors and windows are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe them with a soft cloth or use a mild, non-aggressive detergent.

Quality at an affordable price

To compare with wood and aluminum, PVC is an affordable, durable and strong alternative. When you select windows and doors in PVC, you will manage to reduce your costs by a huge percentage. PVC doors and windows have a positive impact on fixed costs and on your energy bill.

PVC doors and windows are a popular choice among our customers, contact us now to find out why.